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12 Ways to Release Endorphins

Endorphins are the body’s pain-relieving and pleasure-promoting hormones. Try out some of these methods to release some endorphins, and ultimately make you feel great!

1Spicy Food) Eat Spicy Food – Capsaicin activates the pain receptors after eating spicy food. Your body releases endorphins to offset the pain on your tongue.


Dark Chocolate 2) Eat Dark Chocolate – This will reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, protect arteries and also promote the release of endorphins



Smile and Laugh3) Smile and Laugh – This one may seem a little obvious, but we can always use a reminder that smiling causes happiness. Adults only laugh 5 times a day on average while kids laugh about 300 times a day! Don’t forget to find joy in the little things in life!



Smell Lavender

4) Sniff Lavender – Smelling lavender or vanilla are scents that are proven to calm people and relieve anxiety.



Listen to Music

5) Listen to Music – Music distracts our minds from our troubles and is a quick fix to boost your mood. Don’t be afraid to dance your stresses away!



Sun Exposure9) Go Outside – Sun exposure will give your body the vitamin D that it needs and can add an extra boost of energy into your day. Endorphins will be flowing if your outside, just don’t forget your sunscreen!


Have Safe Sex

10) Have Safe Sex – This releases endorphins, lowers stress and anxiety, fights depression, and burns calories!




11) Take Ginseng – Taking this will balance the release of stress hormones and enhance the production of endorphins. It will benefit those who are fatigued or overstressed.



Group Exercise12) Exercise – Exercise reduces pain, relieves stress, increases self confidence, and lowers symptoms of depression and anxiety. Studies have also proven that group exercise increases satisfaction and the amount of endorphins released during a workout.


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